Eversight provides software solutions to enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to discover, test, and deploy radically better promotions. The Eversight Offer Innovation platform utilizes machine learning to continuously learn which promotional factors such as call-to-action, discount depth, price point vs percent-off, images, and more, contribute most to results. Eversight software then tests dozens of potential new offers with real consumers in digital channels such as social media or retailer loyalty apps prior to full deployment of the winning offers. Regardless of other promotion analytics or personalization approaches already in use, Offer Innovation can boost performance of your mass and personalized promotions by 10-25%.

Break through the “sea of sameness” with new offers that excite consumers again

  • Objectives configured for manufacturer and retailer to balance volume, margin, and household penetration metrics
  • Machine learning engine finds and prioritizes new potential winning offers out of millions of possibilities
  • Offers tested digitally with real shoppers to identify winning offers for broad deployment

Accelerate your personalization journey with better targeted offers by segment

  • Complementary to existing segmentation and personalized promotion programs
  • Machine learning engine finds and prioritizes best new offers to test by segment
  • Intelligent and automated testing with granular sub-segments before winning offers deployed broadly

Learn how to boost your promotion results 10-25%

  • Understand the behavioral economics theory behind why consumers make the decisions they make
  • See how historical approaches and backwards-looking analytics have limited innovation with promotions
  • Learn how to test dozens of new offers in days not months before full deployment to digital and in-store channels


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Offer Innovation allows us to find win-win-win promotions that work better for the shopper, our retailer customers, and our brands. We have done that without fail with Eversight. It is my favorite tool we use in the organization."

CPG Revenue Growth Management leader, Top 20 CPG Manufacturer

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