AI and Experimentation

The Eversight platform is purpose-built for the entire pricing and promotion lifecycle

  • Adaptive experimentation automates optimal feature selection through continuous real-time decision making.
  • Algorithms leverage both multivariate and A/B testing to deliver the most efficient testing possible.
  • AI powers recommendations for progressive improvements in experiment design and execution.

Applied Behavioral Economics

The Eversight platform leverages insights from modern behavioral economists, who have discovered that consumers behave in surprising and counterintuitive ways when making decisions.

The key is that consumers, driven by a variety of subconscious social, emotional, and cognitive biases, actually make decisions that are “predictably irrational,” a term coined by behavioral economist Dan Ariely. In other words, consumers make decisions based on more than just price. To understand what consumers truly want, behavioral economics needs to be taken into account and experimentation.

And not just in theory. Over the past few decades, Nobel-Prize-winning behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman and others have uncovered dozens of heuristics, or “rules of thumb,” that help explain why consumers make the decisions they do. Some well-known heuristics include information framing, loss aversion, naive diversification, anchoring and affinity — and there are many more. These heuristics are built into our AI and Experimentation platform to both feed and leverage machine learning.


Eversight Data Integration

Pre-built data connectors and APIs integrate the Eversight platform to pricing and promotion management systems as well as digital testing platforms.

  • Seamlessly test through digital channels.
  • Industry data feeds automatically update Eversight data and results library.
  • Easily import data with retailer data connectors.
  • Custom APIs combined with a channel agnostic architecture enable integration with nearly any digital platform.


Machine learning technology can have connotations of full automation; a black box; a lack of control. But our approach is much more “Iron Man” than “Terminator.” Eversight software calculates possibilities and predicts outcomes at a massively larger scale than the human brain or spreadsheets could ever do but then informs and coaches the business user.

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