Boost volume. Grow categories. Increase basket size.

More than half of all trade funds from manufacturers are wasted on ineffective promotions. Make every dollar count by deploying unique, higher-performing offers that drive your shoppers to take action.

Key Benefits

Eliminate risk

Confidently deploy new in-store promotions without the risk of missing your numbers.

Drive sales and category growth

Excite consumers again with offers that drive behavior, basket size, and category growth.


Get more

Grow your share of the trade budget by delivering the best return for manufacturers' investment.

Become an offer innovator

Develop a competitive advantage by deploying promotions that consistently outperform competing offers.


Track manufacturer campaigns and maximize the ROI of each trade dollar.

The inside view. Always have a real-time view to your manufacturer campaigns, all in one place.

retail_icons_1_view_1Campaign filtering

Sort and filter campaigns by manufacturer, category, and campaign status.


retail_icons_1_view_2Real-time tracking

View the overall lineup of current test offers in each campaign.


retail_icons_1_view_3Detail view

Drill down to see a layout view with all the details of the campaign.

Campaigns - Placed

Analytics. Simplified. See detailed campaign performance results with clear, intuitive analytics.

retail_icons_1_view_4Campaign overview

See top performing offers by clicking into specific campaigns by manufacturer.


retail_icons_1_view_5Demand curve

Review how consumer engagement results compare with baseline demand.


retail_icons_1_view_6Campaign metrics

Review key metrics across offers, including retailer margin and redemptions.

Analytics - Placed

Your numbers. Gain insight into the potential impact of each offer with retailer-specific financial metrics.

retail_icons_1_view_7Detailed financials

Analyze the full economics of each offer with key metrics such as price to retailer and consumer, unit volume, and gross margin.


retail_icons_1_view_8What-if analysis

Test different financial scenarios by changing promotional funding assumptions.


retail_icons_1_view_9Basket impact

See the expected basket-level impact to understand the overall context for each offer.

Detailed Financials - Placed

Grow store-brand sales by real-world testing new offers with your shoppers ahead of time.

Your creative engine. Build unique offers that appeal to social, emotional, and cognitive drivers with just a few clicks.

cg_icons_1_innovate_1Prebuilt offer templates

Easily build unique concepts with intuitive offer templates, varying discount levels, offer structures, packaging, images, copy, and more.


cg_icons_1_innovate_2Fast approval

Get campaigns running quickly by fast-tracking approvals with built-in workflow.


Multiple platform options

Seamlessly launch campaigns through retailer and direct-to-consumer digital platforms.

Concept Builder - Placed


Mission control, simplified. Launch and manage numerous campaigns in one place.

Adaptive micro-testing

Get real-world results for thousands of offer variations using small sample sizes, while maintaing high levels of statistical significance.


Simple campaign management

Easily manage multiple campaigns, set budget limits, and modify offer aspects on the fly.


cg_icons_1_innovate_6Rapid results

Patent-pending adaptive testing approach yields results in just days.

Campaign Manager - Placed

Insights on demand. See top performers and review key metrics such as sales lift and ROI with powerful analytics.

cg_icons_1_innovate_7Powerful filters

Drill down based on financial and testing metrics, targeting, dynamic promotion categorization, and more.


cg_icons_1_innovate_8Key business metrics

Inspect key business metrics such as volume lift and ROI with advanced charting features.


cg_icons_1_innovate_9Scenario modeling

Predictively model real-world impact with the financial scenario analysis tool.

Analytics - Placed

The challenges of pricing in an EDLP environment are unique. The focus is on getting the price exactly right, to the penny. “Magic Price Points” need to be uncovered. Seasonal pricing needs to be spot on. Price changes are less frequent, but they matter more. Eversight can help.

5 Reasons to Use Offer Innovation for EDLP:

1. Eversight’s test-based approach is the only method that works for optimal price points in EDLP. Regression-based approaches aren’t effective because there is so little historical price variation to model. Eversight for EDLP let’s you try price points quickly, easily, and without risking your business.

2. Eversight uncovers the “magic price points” that shoppers get excited about. Instead of endless discussions about whether the price should end in a “9”, a “7”, or a “0” you just test and see what “pops.” Suddenly the conversation gets a whole lot easier, and the answer gets a whole lot better.

3. The pricing environment matters. Whether executing a dynamic pricing program, responding to regional price pressure, or to a competitive move, Eversight helps you find the right move to make.

4. It’s important to know who’s buying. A deeper discount that is raising sales, but only to loyal buyers, is not likely to be the right move. But a deeper discount that brings lapsed shoppers back, or converts trialing shoppers to loyalists, is a different story. Eversight micro-tests give you the full picture.

5. Seasons change, and so do your prices. Seasonal pricing is one of the toughest challenges in retail. Eversight makes it a lot easier. With ultra-fast reads on micro-tests, those endless discussions of what to do this year, and this week, go away. The right answer is clear.




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