Sea of Sameness

For years, retail sales have been flat. Intending to acquire new customers and grow basket size, retailers run promotions that erode prices, train consumers to only buy on ad, and further compress already-slim margins. These underperforming promotions put more pressure on retailers, making them reluctant to try new, untested promotions. The risk of failure is simply too high.

The result is a sea of uniform, unexciting, price-based promotions.

Need promotions to drive sales. Instead of attracting new customers, boosting sales, and growing the top line, current promotions serve only a small fraction of “deal-prone” buyers.

Need more trade funds. Because so many current promotions fail to deliver sufficient growth, retailers require even more trade spend dollars from manufacturers to make up the difference.

Need the confidence that a new offer will work.  Given the hazards involved with rolling out untested promotions, retailers are understandably reluctant to try something new, preferring to stick to what they did in the past.

For years, trade promotions have been stuck in a downward spiral. Intended to grow sales, many promotions end up subsidizing base sales and most don’t deliver a positive ROI. But without tools to confidently predict that a new offer will out-perform the status quo, manufacturers are stuck.

The result is a sea of uniform, unexciting, price-based promotions.

Need to drive profitable volume.  Consumer goods manufacturers spend money to make money, yet are stuck with promotions that don’t attract new customers, increase basket share, or boost volume.

Need to increase trade spend efficiency. Consumer goods manufacturers have been increasing the portion of revenue that they devote to trade promotions — it’s time to allocate those funds to programs that deliver an ROI.

Need the confidence to break the status quo. Since sales teams don’t have a crystal ball, the risk to try something new has been too great despite the under-performance of last year’s plan.

A $300B Opportunity

Trade rate as of 2016
Promotions that lose $

Sources: Gartner; Nielsen

Why Offer Innovation?

Break out of the sea of sameness and break through with promotions that actually work. Offer Innovation provides the confidence to find and deploy radically better promotions that drive brand results, retailer results, and stimulate consumer behavior.

*Blue dots in the chart on the right represent examples of unique offer variations that result in “off-the-curve” promotions, delivering more sales lift vs. traditional offers at the same or lower discount level.


Know which promotions will perform best before adding them to the calendar.

retail_benefits_2Eliminate risk. 
Confidently run new promotions with very little risk, knowing how they will perform ahead of time.

Make every dollar count. Get maximum ROI for each trade dollar by only running promotions that have been demonstrated to grow volume, trips, and basket size.

Get more. Grow your share of trade spend by delivering the best ROI for a manufacturer’s trade investment.

Discover new, unique offers that radically outperform traditional promotions.

cg_benefits_2Uncover game-changing promotions. 
Put an end to stale promotion calendars by easily building and testing thousands of unique promotions to find the best ones, with absolutely no risk.

Exceed volume and ROI targets. Experience the impact of innovative promotions that outperform traditional offers by 10-25%.

Transform the retailer conversation. Bring retailers to the table with radically better promotions, demonstrated to work with real shoppers.

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