Use trade dollars more efficiently. Grow sales. Improve retailer relationships.

Work with your retailer partners to collaberatively uncover and deploy game-changing promotions — based on their real-world performance with actual shoppers. Know what your consumers really want. Become an offer innovator.

Easily design and test dozens of unique offers to hone in on the best ones.

Your creative engine. Build unique offers that appeal to social, emotional, and cognitive drivers with just a few clicks.

cg_icons_1_innovate_1Prebuilt offer templates

Easily build unique concepts with intuitive offer templates, varying discount levels, offer structures, packaging, images, copy, and more.


cg_icons_1_innovate_2Fast approval

Get campaigns running quickly by fast-tracking approvals with built-in workflow.


Multiple platform options

Seamlessly launch campaigns through retailer and direct-to-consumer digital platforms.

Concept Builder - Placed


Mission control, simplified. Launch and manage numerous campaigns in one place.

Adaptive micro-testing

Get real-world results for thousands of offer variations using small sample sizes, while maintaing high levels of statistical significance.


Simple campaign management

Easily manage multiple campaigns, set budget limits, and modify offer aspects on the fly.


cg_icons_1_innovate_6Rapid results

Patent-pending adaptive testing approach yields results in just days.

Campaign Manager - Placed

Insights on demand. See top performers and review key metrics such as sales lift and ROI with powerful analytics.

cg_icons_1_innovate_7Powerful filters

Drill down based on financial and testing metrics, targeting, dynamic promotion categorization, and more.


cg_icons_1_innovate_8Key business metrics

Inspect key business metrics such as volume lift and ROI with advanced charting features.


cg_icons_1_innovate_9Scenario modeling

Predictively model real-world impact with the financial scenario analysis tool.

Analytics - Placed

Improve relationships with retailers by demonstrating results of radically-better promotions.

A reset button. Improve retailer trust and compliance by transparently sharing real-world results.

cg_icons_1_amplify_1Intuitive interface

Quickly find the right promotion with an interactive carousel of top-performers ordered by volume vs. margin.


cg_icons_1_amplify_2Powerful modeling

Test several scenarios in real time with robust “what-if” functionality.


cg_icons_1_amplify_3Insights on the go

Review and share top performing promotions in the field with a mobile-friendly interface.

Featured Promotions - Placed

The flexibility to test through retailers or directly with consumers.

Reach at scale. Access over 250 millions United States consumers as a test-bed for rapid Offer Innovation.

network_icons_1Real consumers

Wide cross-section of the consumer population enables even the largest tests.


network_icons_2Precise targeting

Advanced demographic and behavioral segmentation capabilities.


network_icons_3Advanced data science

Proprietary algorithms enable unbiased testing with extremely high levels of confidence.



Control and flexibility. Test offers directly with consumers through print-at-home coupon sites for maximum control and efficiency.


Define precisely which offers are viewed by each segment of consumers during each visit.


network_icons_5“Add or Pass”

Test multiple offers with a single visitor with Eversight’s unique “add or pass” functionality.


Stay in control

Set and update offer duration, frequency, and redemption limits.



Real-world results. Offer Innovation begins online, but is designed for deployment in brick-and-mortar stores — where it has delivered 20-50% sales lifts.

network_icons_7Real purchases

Get results from real shoppers making real purchases while shopping as usual.


network_icons_8Reach every segment

Deliver test offers via multiple digital channels to reach all consumer segments.


network_icons_9End-to-end tracking

See the impact on consumer engagement for each offer and redemptions made in store.




Key benefits

Uncover game-changing promotions

Revitalize stale promotion calendars by quickly designing and testing dozens of unique offers.

Exceed volume and ROI targets

Design innovative in-store promotions that outperform traditional offers by 20-50%.


Transform the retailer conversation

Improve relationships with retailer partners by jointly uncovering insights for better performing promotions.

Become an offer innovator

Develop a competitive advantage by deploying promotions that consistently outperform competing offers.



Offer Innovation platform in the cloud.

Eversight Cloud solutions are built on a robust platform, incorporating the latest in data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics, as well as pre-built data connectors and custom APIs.

A multi-tenant cloud architecture means that—unlike traditional on-premise enterprise solutions—users are always on the latest version.

Eversight Optimization Platform™

The Optimization Platform powers Eversight's cloud solutions by combining patent-pending data science algorithms, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

  • Adaptive “micro-testing” approach automates optimal feature selection through continuous real-time decision making.
  • Algorithms tailored to the specifics of promotions leverage both multivariate and A/B testing to deliver the most efficient testing possible.
  • Predictive offer recommendations powered by machine learning for progressive improvements in testing design and execution.

Eversight Data Integration™

Pre-built data connectors and APIs enable seamless integration to other promotion management systems, as well as numerous digital testing platforms.

  •  Seamlessly test through several digital channels with pre-built testing platform adapters. See Eversight Testing Network™ for details.
  • Automatically import data with the consumer goods data connector.
  • APIs combined with a channel agnostic architecture allows simple integration with nearly any digital platform.